About Us

SIM Materials Forum is an event organised by Strategic Initiative Materials ‘SIM’; a virtual research centre founded in 2009 by the Flemish materials industry and the Flemish universities. SIM’s mission is to further strengthen Flanders’ strong position in materials innovation. With the SIM Materials Forum, the organisation wants to keep you up to date with their work and the latest developments in the materials sector.

16+ Speakers

Discover the visions and latest innovations of 16 experts within four different topics.

100+ Visitors

Get to know the materials community in Flanders and beyond and gain insights on material innovations.

Why Join us?

SIM Materials Forum is the place to be to discover material innovations:

  • 16 experts sharing their vision and latest innovations
  • material innovations at the materials market
  • science & engineering at the poster session
  • ample networking opportunities with the materials community

Event Speakers

16 experts within four thematic areas: Climate, Clean Energy & Mobility, Innovative Applications, Circular Materials and Modelling & Digitalisation

Michaël Callens_REIN4CED

Michaël Callens

CEO & Co-founder of REIN4CED
Johan Pauwels_Deceuninck

Johan Pauwels

R&D Manager at Deceuninck
Yiannis Pontikes_KU Leuven

Yiannis Pontikes

Associate professor at KU Leuven
Jan Helsen_VUB

Jan Helsen

Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Lukas Arnout_ResourceFull

Lukas Arnout

Managing Director ResourceFull
Sophia Buckingham_VKI

Sophia Buckingham

Senior Research Engineer at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Baptiste Cowez_Orbix

Baptiste Cowez

Deputy Site Manager Orbix Belgium
Kim De Nolf_QustomDot

Kim De Nolf

Founder at QustomDot
Hunos Etele Erdélyi_Siemens Industry Sotware

Hunor Etele Erdélyi

Research Engineer Senior Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software
Gert Nelissen_Borit

Gert Nelissen

Product development manager at Borit NV
Tom Tourwé_Oqton

Tom Tourwé

Head of AI at Oqton
Tine Baelmans_KULeuven

Tine Baelmans

Vice Rector for Educational Policy at KU Leuven
Léopold Mottet_Flamac

Léopold Mottet

Project Manager at FLAMAC
Karen Hemelsoet_Ghent University

Karen Hemelsoet

Business Developer at Ghent University
Wim Van Paepegem_Ghent University

Wim Van Paepegem

Professor at Ghent University
Annick Hubin & Momo Safari_SIMBA program

Momo Safari & Annick Hubin

SIMBA Consortium Partners
Patrice Perreault_UAntwerpen

Patrice Perreault

Associate Professor at University of Antwerp

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SIM Materials Forum takes place during Advanced Engineering, a trade show on the creation and production of innovative products. Therefore SIM Materials Forum makes an ideal platform for companies that contribute towards the production of innovative products, technologies and electronics.