Baptiste Cowez

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Baptiste Cowez

Deputy Site Manager Orbix Belgium



TITLE: CARBSTONE, the circular CCU&S solution from Orbix


Orbix processes and valorizes stainless steel slag. The stainless steel metal is reused in the steel mills. For the remaining mineral fraction, Orbix has developed several applications to ensure zero waste management. One of the by-products is Carbinox which, in combination with CO2, replaces cement to produce building materials or Carbstones. The know-how is not limited to stainless steel slag. It is now also possible to use LD slag, refractories, non-ferrous metal slags, bottom ash … with the Carbstone technology. Oddly enough, finding cheap CO2 proved to be a hurdle that was harder to overcome than thought.

Short Overview

Circular Materials

By Baptiste Cowez, Orbix

Timing & Location

14:45 - 15:05 | Room 3

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  • 11 mei, 2022
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