Geert Noels & Kristof Eggermont

Geert Noels & Kristof Eggermon

Geert Noels & Kristof Eggermont

CEO & Senior Consultant at Econopolis




TITLE: Climate Shock – 20 solutions for government, companies & citizens in Belgium


Global warming poses an urgent challenge, but there is still ample room for positive outcomes and prosperity. Geert Noels, Kristof Eggermont, and Yanaika Denoyelle present a compelling case for this in their book De Klimaatschok. Rather than focusing solely on the problem, the book presents solutions. In collaboration with a panel of climate experts, the authors have calculated the impact of twenty viable climate solutions specifically tailored for Belgium: from technological precision agriculture over new forms of nuclear energy to the reuse of industrial residual heat via heating networks. Progress is not the problem, but the solution. Their perspective examines climate issues through a calculated and economic lens, translated into an inspiring and visually engaging book.

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By Geert Noels & Kristof Eggermont

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13:50 - 14:20 | Main Stage